Make Take Your Dog To Work Day Fun For Everyone.

by Tom Jeffrey June 06, 2017

take your dog to work day

take your dog to work day
Friday, June 23 is the 19th annual Pet Sitters International's (PSI) Take Your Dog To Work Day®! This annual event was created as a way for employers to experience what a dog-friendly workplace is like. It's also meant to give non-dog owners a peek at that special bond between humans and pets in the hope that they'll adopt a dog of their own. Take Your Dog To Work Day was started in 1999.

How can you get your company to participate? 

Start by taking with your boss or human resources department to make them aware of Take Your Dog To Work Day. Let them know TYDTWDay can be great for company morale, serves as a fun new office perk and is a great way to promote the company. Visit the Pet Sitters International website for more helpful ways to get your company involved in this exciting day.

Preparing for a dog day at the office.  

If your company decides to participate in TYDTWDay, you'll want to prepare the workplace by making sure there are no poisonous plants within easy reach of the dogs, and clear out anything else that looks yummy to a dog. You should also establish a few dog-free zones, like eating areas, restrooms, etc. Also be sure to check with fellow employees to see if anyone has pet allergies. You want TYDTWDay to be fun for everyone at work.  

Special tips for small dog owners.     

If you plan to bring your small dog to the office on TYDTWDay, there's a good chance there will be some bigger dogs as well. If you know your little pup is afraid or aggressive toward big dogs, you may want to carry him or her into the office, or on a very short leash. Always be sure to monitor interactions between your little pooch and bigger dogs until you see how they react to one another. Everyone should have a great first furry day on the job.  

Remember doggy etiquette.     

Knowing your dog will be exposed to lots of new people and four-legged friends, it's a good idea if everyone who brings their dog to work keeps them on a leash or keeps contained with a baby gate or office door until they get settled. The last thing you want is a pack of dogs charging through the office and causing a ruckus while others are trying to focus on work or talk on the phone with customers. It's also a great idea to bring a delicious bone or favorite toy to keep your pup occupied during the day.

What If My Workplace Is Already Dog-Friendly? 

If dogs are already allowed at your workplace, look at TYDTWay as an opportunity to take it up a notch and host fun dog events, like a fashion show, a dog parade, or a look-a-like contest, which always gets huge laughs. Your company can also partner with a local shelter to raise money, accept wish list items for a shelter or host an adoption event. You can get really creative with this special day. Don't forget to take lots of photos and share them on your company social media accounts using #takeyourdogtoworkday

Consider hiring an office pet sitter for TYDTWDay. 

Remember, when you bring your dog to work, you still have to work. On Take Your Dog To Work Day you and your canine loving co-workers can chip in for a dog sitter. Doing so means you'll have someone at the office to keep an eye on the pups and take them out for potty breaks and walks. You can find a pet sitter on the PSI website. Did you know PSI is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters?

Where can I learn more?  

Pet Sitters International has a ton of information on Take Your Dog To Work Day, including ways to help you get your company on board and lots of fun ways to celebrate this fun day. Be sure to follow PSI on their Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates and creative ideas on TYDTWDay. 

Let us know if your dog or office will participate in Take Your Dog To Work Day. 



Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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