Nosework mats for dogs are interactive dog toys that provide your pup with important mental stimulation. Hide treats in the nooks, crannies and pockets on the mat and watch your little dog excitedly work to find them - using his love of sniffing. 

What is a nosework mat? It's an intricate toy designed for hiding treats for your dog to sniff out. Nosework mats come in a variety of fun themes, all with the intention of helping your dog exercise his brain. 

You can use treats or kibble with your pup's nosework mat. 

Benefits of a nosework mat:

  • Provides important mental stimulation for dogs
  • Engages your dog's love of sniffing and hunting for food
  • Low-impact exercise works for dogs of all ages
  • Can be used as a slow feeder for dogs that eat too fast
  • Helps calm dogs with separation anxiety 

Because they're not physically demanding to use, nosework mats a great for dogs of all ages. Thanks to a dog's desire to sniff, most dogs instinctively know what to do once you add treats to the mat. 

A nosework mat is great to have on days when the weather limits outdoor play or walks. You can use these snuffle mats to help keep your pup quiet while you're watching your favorite show or are on an important Zoom call. 

You'll find machine washable nosework mats in a variety of themes for your pup. Anti skid bottoms prevent the mats from sliding around while your dog interacts with it. 

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