Klippo Polka Dots Dino Fleece Hooded Dog Pajamas

Klippo Polka Dots Dino Fleece Hooded dog pajamas are the cutest dinosaur pajamas ever. 

Fun and playful, your dog will be warm and comfy on chilly days while looking even more adorable wearing these pajamas. 

Soft triangular dinosaur plates run down the center of the hood and spine of the pajamas. The long sleeves can be folded up for pups with short legs.   

These pullover pajamas have just enough stretch to make getting them on and off easy for you and your pup.

Klippo pajamas are cut high underneath so they can be worn during potty breaks. 

Like all Klippo dog pajamas, the Polka Dots Dino Fleece Hooded jammies have a little D-ring near the neck to hold your pup's ID tags or a little charm. There's also a D-ring on the back of the pajamas so you can attach a leash. 

Dino Fleece pajamas will be a hit at doggy play dates and therapy visits. 

Order your little dog a pair of Dino pajamas today. 

Klippo Polka Dots Dino Dog Pajamas Size Guide:


  • Back Length: 6" -8"
  • Chest: 10" - 12"
  • Neck: 6" - 7.5"


  • Back Length: 8"-10"
  • Chest: 12" - 14" 
  • Neck: 7.5" - 9"


  • Back Length: 10"-12"
  • Chest: 14" - 16"
  • Neck: 9" - 11"


  • Back Length: 12"-14"
  • Chest: 16" - 18"
  • Neck: 11" - 13"


  • Back Length: 14"-16"
  • Chest: 18" - 20"
  • Neck: 13" - 15"

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