Pinkaholic Noelle Hooded Dog Shirt

The Pinkaholic Noelle hooded dog shirt is a festive, fun number for the holiday season. 

Outfitted with an adorably cute hood, this pullover sleeved shirt features a pattern of snowflakes and reindeer across it. 

Made with 35% cotton, 65% polyester blend, the soft, comfy shirt is stretchy enough to make getting it off and on easy.

Make the holidays even more merry and bright. Order your furry little elf a Pinkaholic Noelle hooded shirt today. 

Pinkaholic Noelle Size Guide:  
Please measure carefully. Measure the neck at the base and measure the chest behind the front legs. 

Neck Girth: 10.2 inches
Chest Girth: 10.2 iches
Body length: 7.9 inches 

Neck Girth: 11.8 inches
Chest Girth: 14.6 inches 
Body length: 9.8 inches 

Neck Girth: 13.4 inches
Chest Girth: 17 inches 
Body length: 11.8 inches 

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