Step-In Strider Dog Harness

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The Step-in Strider dog harness is a comfortable small dog harness designed for more enjoyable walks.

  • 100% soft nylon fabric
  • Breathable honeycomb weave pattern
  • Large, finger-friendly quick-release buckle
  • Hook & loop fasteners for extra protection
  • Includes 5-foot coordinating leash
  • Trachea-safe, choke-free design 
  • Reflective trim around harness edges and leg openings
  • Closes with Velcro tabs and a plastic snap for double safety
  • Choke-free design directs pressure to your doggy’s chest, not the throat  

Step-in style dog harness for easy on and off.
A step-in dog harness goes on feet first. You put your pup's front legs through the leg openings and then wrap the harness over your dog's back. To remove the harness, unbuckle the harness and lower it to the floor so your pup can step out. Super easy. 

A step-in harness is a great choice for dogs fearful of having something pulled over their head. FYI, the leg openings on this harness are large enough for the fluffiest of paws.

Choke-free design.
If your little doggy pulls on the leash, this lower cut harness safely directs the pressure to your dog's chest, not the throat. The choke-free design also makes this a good harness for use with car seats and seat belt leashes.

Breathable fabric to keep your doggy comfy and cool.
Step-In Strider dog harnesses are have a vented liner and a honeycomb shell to help keep your pup cool on walks in warmer climates. The fabric is lightweight and flexible to allow your pup to move naturally. 

Step-In Strider Dog Harness - Close up - Honeycomb pattern

Harness closes with Velcro closures AND a snap.  
This pet harness closes with Velcro tabs and a heavy-duty plastic clip for double protection from your dog escaping. Twin D-rings connect to most standard leashes.

Step-in Strider Dog Harness - Close up Buckle

Four color choices.
Choose from Pink, Blue, Black or Red. 

For added safety in your car, pair with an adjustable seat belt leash

Free Shipping On Exchanges! We pick up the shipping costs if you need to exchange the harness you buy for a different size.

SIZE GUIDE: (If your dog harness doesn't fit, we'll exchange it for free!)

Note - The chest measurements below are the size of the actual harness. Your pup's chest measurement should fall between those measurements.   

XS Dog Harness
Chest: 9"-10" 
Weight: 2 - 3 lbs.
    Small Dog Harness
    Chest: 10.5"-13.4" 
    Weight: 3 - 6.5 lbs.

      Medium Dog Harness
      Chest: 13.8"- 15.5" 
      Weight: 6.5 - 9.5 lbs.

      Large Dog Harness
      Chest: 15.7"-17.7" 
      Weight: 11 - 15.4 lbs.