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PoochieBells dog potty training bells make potty training easy and fun! Even better, PoochieBells users have a 95% potty training success rate.

How do you use PoochieBells? Drap them over the doorknob your puppy will use to go outside. Next, teach your pup to ring the bells with his nose or paws and reward him by letting him outside to potty. Training steps ship with each set of PoochieBells. 

Once your dog is trained to use these made in the U.S.A. potty training bells, you can bring them wherever you go so your dog can always let you know when it's time to take care of business. Because PoochieBells hang on your doorknob or a hooknext to your door, you can simply roll them up and take them with you to work, a second home or on trips.  

Here's a list of five places you can hang Poochie Bells so your dog can always "jingle" when it's time to tinkle (or poop). 

Poochie Bells

1. Hang PoochieBells in your home, on or near the door your puppy will use most. Taking your pup to visit a family member or friend? Bring your PoochieBells to avoid accidents in someone else's home. 

hang poochie bells in your rv

2. In your RV or Motorhome. We know lots of little dogs get to go on adventures in the family camper. 


3. Hang your PoochieBells inside a hotel room, vacation rental or Airbnb. No matter where you roam, your little dog can ring the bells to let you know he or she has to go outside for a potty break. 

4. On your boat. Just be sure to help your pup onto the dock or poop zone. 


5. At the office. If you work in a small office, hang your PoochieBells on or near the door. If you work in a large dog-friendly office, hang your bells in your cube or at your workstation. 

PoochieBells come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can shop for PoochieBells here and shop PoochieBells hooks here.

If you have a unique place for using PoochieBells, leave us a comment.