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As the cold weather rolls in, you might be thinking about an adorable pair of dog pajamas for your furry friend. DinkyDogClub has a sweet collection of soft, snuggly doggie pjs to choose from. 

Why Would I Want My Dog Wearing Pajamas?

With a few exceptions, dogs are born with a natural fur coat to keep them warm. However, there are some dogs such as Chihuahuas, Rat Terriers, and Miniature Pinchers that do get cold. Doggie pajamas can help dogs with short coats stay warm on cold winter nights, or even during the day. 

Of course, only dress your little dog in pajamas if your dog acts like his or her typical self in them.

Create Smiles on Pet Therapy Visits. 

Another reason you may want a pair of doggy pjs is if you do any therapy work with your small dog. Imagine the big smiles you'll see when your dog walks into a children's hospital or an assisted living facility wearing a fun pair of pajamas, especially a pair of Santa's 'Lil Helper pajamas during the holiday season.   

So let's look at some different options for doggy pajamas.  

Fleece Dog Pajamas

dog pajamas - klippo silly monkey

Klippo fleece Silly Monkey dog pajamas are amazingly soft and provide extra warmth. Made from soft, knit cotton, Silly Monkey pajamas are available in a turtleneck option or a hooded option. The turtleneck can be rolled down if your doggie prefers. Both the turtleneck and hooded jammies have a little pocket on the back and a small D-ring on the front to hold an ID tag or a charm. Choose from Lime Green or Pink. For even more cuteness, pair these jammies with a matching Silly Monkey dog blanket, made from the same fleece fabric. 

Flannel Dog Pajamas

dog pajamas - klippo flannel teddy bearsdog pajamas - cupcakes

If you're in the market for flannel doggie jammies, we have two cute options to choose from. The video below shows our adorable Yorkie friend Roxie in the City wearing our popular Klippo Teddy Bear PJs. The baby blue color makes them perfect for boys or girls.  

Imagine the sweet dreams your fur baby will have wearing Cupcakes Fanatics flannel dog jammies. Both the Teddy Bear and Cupcake Fanatics prints are trimmed with white piping and have two little pockets on the back. These pjs close with button snaps for easy on and off. They also have a small D-ring near the top button to hold an ID tag or the included Klippo charm. 

Lightweight Cotton Doggie Jammies

dog pajamas early birdiedog pajamas - yellow ducky

Klippo cotton pajamas are a nice light option for doggies that just need a little extra warmth. Choose from Yellow Ducky or Early Birdies dog pajamas. The cotton jammies are free of buttons and snaps. You put them on your pup by slipping them over his or her head. Elastic trim around the tummy makes getting them on and off easy as can be. 

dog pajamas - sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams dog pajamas are another soft cotton option. These little numbers have a thermal cotton pattern that's super stretchy, making them easy to get on and off without buttons or velcro. Available in blue, pink, lilac or green. Each pair has "trap door" stitching and the words "Sweet Dreams" embroidered on them. 

Holiday Dog Pajamas

dog pajamas santas lil helper

Christmas and pajamas go hand in hand. So make the holidays merrier with our popular Santa's 'Lil Helper dog pajamas. These red thermal cotton doggie jammies have "Santa's 'Lil Helper" embroidered on the tail end. We've completely sold out of Santa's 'Lil Helper doggie PJs two years in a row.  

dog pajamas - penguins and snowflakes

New for this year, we added the Penguins & Snowflakes doggie pajamas from Klippo. The flannel jammies are red with a festive pattern of snowflakes and penguins. White piping adds a little sophistication to these smile making jammies. 

Both of these cute pajamas are a fun way to create special holiday memories with your family and your little doggie.   

 The hardest part of buying doggie jammies is choosing which style to buy. We're pretty sure your dog will look adorable no matter which pair you choose.