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Bark Notes Friendly

Since your dog can't speak, let CanineFriendly Bark Notes do the talking for him. Bark Notes are simple notes that alert people with a fun or important message from your dog, like SPOILED, DO NOT PET or FRIENDLY. 

These clever little collar accessories are an easy and quick way to let people know if it's okay for them, or their dog, to meet your pup. 

Bark Notes

These three-inch long notes are made from flexible rubber that's stitched to a stretchy neoprene band that slips onto your dog's collar or leash. Because dogs are dogs, Bark Notes are completely waterproof. Since they're made out of soft materials, Bark Notes are noise free. 

Bark Notes - Friendly

The 3-inch long Bark Notes slide over most collars and leashes up to 3/4-inches wide, Bark Notes are great for the dog park, dog Meetups, pet-friendly restaurants, on group dog walks or strolls through your neighborhood.  

Bark Notes - Diva


Use Bark Collars for Safety.  

Have a shy dog or a four-legged friend that's blind or deaf? Simply slip a Bark Collar onto his or her collar to send that message to strangers approaching your dog. 

Helpful warning messages include DEAF, BLIND, CAUTION and, DO NOT PET.

Bark Notes - Caution

Have Fun With Bark Collars.   

Bark Collars also make fun accessories to showcase your furbaby's personality. Fun Bark Notes include DIVA, SPOILED, HYPER, STUD, BITCH, and #instadog.  

Bark Notes - Spoiled

Super Easy To Use.    

Attaching a Bark Note to your dog's collar is simple. Just unclasp your dog's collar, slip your Bark Note onto the collar and clasp it around your furry friend's neck as usual. If your dog wears a harness instead of a leash, or you have a really fluffy dog, you can slip a Bark Note onto your dog's leash. Slide the Bark Note onto the leash, clasp the leash to the harness or collar and off you go!   

CanineFriendly Bark Notes are now available at DinkyDogClub for $10 with Free Shipping within the U.S.  Order yours today!