Hawaiian Style Small Dog Clothes.

by Tom Jeffrey May 04, 2017

Hawaiian Style Small Dog Clothes.

Get your small dog luau ready with a fetchingly fun Hawaiian dog dress, shirt or small dog harness.

Hawaiian Dog Dresses

For the gals, DinkyDogClub has two adorable Hibiscus patterned harness dresses: Twilight Black and Blue Lagoon. These sweet little numbers have a handy D-ring attached to them and include a matching leash so you can use this dress as a harness. Your princess can wear this dreamy dress to her next pool party, a boardwalk stroll or a strut through the neighborhood. Available in sizes for doggies from 3 to 25 pounds and priced at $24.99.

dog hawaiian shirts

dog hawaiian shirts

For the guys, your furry little friend will think he's Magnum Pee-I when he's sporting a Hawaiian dog shirt. Choose from four options: Ocean Blue and Palms, Sunset Hibiscus, Island Sharks, and Surfboards and Palms. Each dog Hawaiian shirt is made from 100% cotton and closes with Velcro-style tabs. We have sizes to fit pups from 3 to 30 pounds. Hawaiian Camp Shirts are $19.95. 

hawaiian wrap and snap small dog harness


If clothes aren't your thing, how about a Hawaiian style harness? Our Wrap & Snap Small Dog Harnesses are nice and lightweight for summer. They're also soft, comfy, and easy to put on and take off. 

Hawaiian wrap and snap small dog harness

The first time you use a Wrap & Snap Harness, you'll adjustment the straps for a comfortable fit. On future walks, all you have to do to put on the harness is wrap it around your pup's chest, snap it closed and away you go! It's that easy! The harness has dual D-rings for added safety. Made from soft mesh polyester.

Choose from Aruba Raspberry, Maui Pink, Island Tan, Hawaiian Blue, or Tahiti Red. Wrap & Snap Harnesses are available for doggies weighing 4 to 40 pounds. They're $21.99 each. 

Mahalo for taking the time to browse the DinkyDogClub Hawaiian style small dog clothes and harness. 


Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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