March 14, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Wonder how this cute Jack Russell learned how to ride a pony? Dally pretty much decided himself he was going to ride that pony. The pony's name is Spanky. He was rescued when he was two years old by Francesca Carsen of Horsecreek Ranch in Washington state. Spanky was overweight and would try to kick and bite the people and the horses around him. To help the little pony get over his ornery behavior, Francesca starting training him to do tricks. With a lot of hard work and dedication by human and trainer, Spanky excelled.
A little over a year later, Francesca welcomed a Dally, the runt of his litter, into her world. While adjusting to life at the ranch, the little pup sat and watched Francesca and Spanky go through their daily training routine. Then one day, when he was six months old, Dally jumped up onto Spanky's back. The two have been attached at the hip ever since. Both the dog and pony do amazing tricks together. It's really amazing to see Dally jump up onto the pony's back and stay there as the pony does jumps. The trust between dog and pony is amazing. Working as a team has helped each animal improve their personality and enrich their lives. Recently the two welcomed Jet, another rescued pony, into their act. Now known as the "Tiny Trio," they perform at equine expos across the U.S. and Canada.

Dally and Spanky have appeared on National Geographic Wild TV, David Letterman, the World Dog Awards, and many other shows. The pint-size pair have their own book, "The Great Adventures of Dally and Spanky," and they'll be featured in the National Geographic book, "Amazing Dogs," to be released this spring. 

You can keep up with the amazing Dally and Spanky on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. You can learn more about Francesca and her work at Horsecreek Ranch here