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Roxie in the City

Roxie is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier, social media influencer, dog model, actress, and fashionista. She is best known as the star of “Roxie in the City.” Here are ten fun facts about this cute and talented little doggy:

  1. Roxie is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. She was born in Minnesota and now lives with her daddy, John Lee, in New York City.
  1. Roxie’s rise to stardom began two years ago, when John, a former Ford model, photographed Roxie as if she were posing for the cover of Vogue. Fans of doggy Facebook pages were wild about Roxie’s photos, inspiring John to start “Roxie in the City.” Yes, the name “Roxie in the City,” was inspired by the HBO series Sex in the City. 
  1. John developed a real passion for making Roxie's videos. He's posted over 100 videos with Roxie, including videos about Roxie’s daily adventures in NYC, music videos and epic films including Les Miserables, Frozen and Green Acres
  1. One of John’s favorite Roxie videos is Wonder Woman. Linda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the television series, shared Roxie's superhero video on her own Facebook page. This film also made it into the NYC Dog Film Festival!

  1. During the filming of Roxie’s Wonder Woman video, Juli Grbac, winner of “Project Runway” (Season 1) spotted Roxie and just had to meet her. In love with Roxie, Juli designed matching dresses for both she and Roxie, which the two wore to NY Fashion Week. 
  1. One of John’s most memorable moments with Roxie was having her photographed by the legendary Bill Cunningham during the 2014 NY Fashion Week. Here's a video of Bill working hard to get Rosie's photo, which appeared in his “Sunday Styles” section of the New York Times
  1. What John likes most about Roxie, besides her morning kisses, is the happiness and joy she brings to his family and the people she meets on the streets of NYC. And, he adores the way she lives her Yorkie life oblivious to all her fame. 
  1. Roxie is John’s first dog. He chose a Yorkie because they're smart, pint-sized and very cute. John likens Yorkies to a cross between Chewbacca and Gizmo.
  1. Roxie’s all-time favorite treat is freeze dried liver. She also loves apples and blueberries.
  1. Most surprising fact? Little Roxie snores like a bear when sleeping, and she dreams of life in Paris.
Follow Roxie’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram. You might even win a prize in one of Roxie’s contests. If you plan to visit NYC, which happens to be very dog-friendly, be sure to take your pooch to Central Park. If you see Roxie, be sure to say, “Hello!”