May 03, 2024 2 min read 0 Comments

Let's get your little dog ready for some outdoor fun. Exploring with your little pup can be amazing, but there are a few things to prepare for.

To ensure your furry friend is ready to roam, you may want to schedule a vet visit to make sure your dog or dogs are up to date on their shots and they're protected from pesky fleas and ticks. Just in case, grab copies of your pup's medical records, a cute current photo, and make sure his or her ID tag or microchip has your contact info.

Being prepared is key to a successful camping adventure. Pack a pet first-aid kit (just like yours, but for smaller boo-boos) and do some research on the area you'll be visiting. Are there any wild critters your pup might encounter? Knowing where the nearest emergency vet is can be a lifesaver (hopefully never needed, but good to know!). Also, check if the pet policies of the parks and campsites you plan to visit. Some campgrounds have breed restrictions or charge extra fees for dogs.

Now, let's pack for pawsome adventures! Don't forget food, any meds your pup needs, water, bowls, a comfy bed for snoozing, and of course, poop bags and a leash. Think about if your little explorer needs any special gear – maybe booties for hot pavement, a doggy life jacket for water adventures, or even some fun RV parts and accessories for pets. And water is super important, so bring enough bottled or fresh water since local water might not be pup-approved.

While you're traveling, make sure your small dog has a safe and cozy spot to ride in. A dog harness that clips into the seatbelt or a travel crate will keep your furry friend secure.Super important: Never leave your pup ride unattended in a trailer or camper.  

With a little planning, you and your little dog can create memories that will last a lifetime! For even more pawsome tips, check out the guide from Parts Via.  Happy exploring!