April 16, 2024 1 min read 0 Comments

In the age of remote work, many of us have found ourselves in the unique position of sharing our home offices with our furry companions. While having our small dogs by our side during the workday can be a source of joy and comfort, it also presents its own set of challenges. How can we strike a balance between productivity and playtime when our four-legged friends demand attention?

Introducing our infographic from Luxe Pet Hotels: Working From Home With Your Pet: Balancing Productivity & Playtime.”

In this visual guide, we'll explore ten essential tips for navigating the world of remote work alongside our beloved pets. From maintaining a consistent routine to providing stimulating activities and creating a pet-friendly workspace, these strategies will help you and your small dog thrive in your work-from-
home environment. Plus, discover how treating your furry friend to a stay at a luxury dog hotel can provide both of you with a well-deserved break when needed.

Let's dive in and discover how to make the most of your time together while staying productive and keeping your small dog happy and engaged.