Dog Purses to Dog Life Jackets - Ten Spring Essentials for Adventures with Your Small Dog.

by Tom Jeffrey March 21, 2017

Dog Purses to Dog Life Jackets - Ten Spring Essentials for Adventures with Your Small Dog.

Now that spring is here, it's time to start planning adventures and road trips with your little dog. We put together a collection of ten small dog accessories to make your escapades more fun. 

dog rain coat


1. Prepare for spring showers with a handy Packable Rain Poncho ($12.99). These super cute little ponchos come in a small purse-size pack so you can carry it wherever you and your dog roam. 

H204K9 water bottle



2. Keep your furry friend hydrated with an H204K9 Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($13.99). Bottles hold 9.5 ounces of water and the lid works as a water bowl. 



pet first aid kit


3. The Pocket First Aid Kit ($12.99) includes bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, first aid tape and a few other items that could help your dog, or a human, with minor injuries. Keep this small kit in your backpack, glovebox or purse. 



4. If you and your pup enjoy being out on the water paddle boarding, kayaking, boating or hanging by the pool, a U.S. Coast Guard approved Small Dog Life Jacket ($44.99) can be a life-saving investment. This life jacket holds your dog in a natural swimming position and has a safety handle for lifting your pooch in and out of the water. 


zuke's mini dog treats


5. Springtime is a great time to brush up on training and teach your fur buddy some new tricks. Zuke's Mini Dog Treats ($3.80) are the perfect reward. These tiny, moist treats have less than 3.5 calories per treat and are made in the USA. They're available in Roasted Pork, Peanut Butter, and Salmon flavors.  



6. Is it time for a new collar? Red Dingo Dog Collars ($6.99) have a cute, reflective bone pattern on them and the trademark bone buckle. Tough nylon and a solid stainless steel D-ring keep your pup safely with you. 

dog toothbrush


7. Ready to replace your dog's toothbrush? Our Small Dog Toothbrush includes a double-headed toothbrush and poultry flavored toothpaste. 



dog purse



8. Mia Michele Carry Bags ($159.99) are purse style carriers that let you tote your little pup everywhere dogs are allowed. Stylish designs, fun colors and animal-friendly faux leather materials make these bags one of our most popular. 

essential calming oils for dogs




9. Help keep your pup calm during spring thunderstorms, trips to the vet or groomer, or before bathtime with Essential Calming Oils. ($14.00)



dog harness


10. If your ready to upgrade your dog's harness, take a look at our best-selling American River Dog Harness, ($19.99 - $25.99) which is available in solids, camo patterns, and blended colors - all sized for small dogs. 


Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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